Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #101

Sorry I am so late posting. It has been a trying couple of days. My Macbook pro had a nagging problem, a broken bezel. I ordered a new part and thought I could fix it myself. Gez, you would think I would have learned, but sometimes, the man comes out, what can I say. After about 8 hours working on it last night, it looked like a science project gone bad. I went  back to it this morning, and got it all back together, but no image on the LCD. So, I found out it works where I have an external monitor to hook up, but I have no internet access there. So I pulled out an old dell (forgive me Steve Jobs) and after fumbling with it for most of the day (gez how did I ever live with windoze?) I can at last post an image.

Spent a nice couple of hours with this butterfly, in my back yard, sun, dogs, cats and nature……………………….it’s a great day to be alive….enjoy…..nada te turbe……..jim

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