Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #116

      It had been as close to a perfect day as I could have. We had seen nature show us life, death and a lot of what goes on in between. Susan and I were provided with a day as full as were our hearts.

We had sat and watched birds at a small spring. At first shy from our presence, then in our (His?) stillness they slowly returned to present us their colorful creation. I was feeling good, old worries of my strayed path, life on that wide road had dimmed.

Then, we came upon this little game trail, it was to me a narrow path and I was not on it. Nor would I follow it, just now.

And I came to a profound peace, that our gauge of narrow changes as does our journey and life. What is narrow for some is wide for others.

You have to travel on your path, sometimes the Interstate, other  times a Blue road. Then finally, narrow becomes just wide enough for you.

Enjoy the path you are on ! † nada te turbe†††jim

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