Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #117

I have a lot nicer images from our Big Bend respite, but this one sticks in my mind. It will not go away. I find things that seemingly accidentally happenings get seared in our hearts. I know that happens for a reason we don’t yet understand.This Coyote was laying in the middle of a campground of a National Park. Not sleeping, her head was up but not held high. The ears were drooped as was her stare. She reluctantly rose on three legs as I approached. The rear starboard leg could not support her will. I felt bad for interrupting her gaze, her space. Tail was tucked deep into her hindquarters, she wanted to run, but was unable to go where she had been before.

I felt as helpless as her, we both knew the reality of our fate.

I wanted to hear her yelp and howl of the night. I wanted to help, but it was not  my plight. I went my way, but I cannot forget. The image remains and the reason comes clear.

Howl and yelp, go while you can. Our tomorrows in this world will someday no longer come. Enjoy the journey…nada te turbe†††jim

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