Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #118

I published the Coyote yesterday, it seems fitting to follow with the Roadrunner  (Geococcyx californianus) today. The Greater Roadrunner is so common in my area, that I sometimes fall into the can’t see the desert for the cacti kind of vision.

I sighted my first one in early dawn with a chill still in the air. He was puffed up in his coat of feathers perched on an old buckboard wagon. At first because of his puffed aplomb, I thought he was some kind of prairie hen. He quickly deflated himself and cocked his head and found me as curious I did him. Having no long glass, I laughed at my unpreparedness and walked away.

Later that day at Rio Grande campground I followed another one as he performed. He tore through the grass in a fury. Sending sticks, dirt and small stones abound. I followed his image in my view finder (yes, I had my long glass now) until he paused in front of a picnic bench. I dropped my camera to rest my arms and eye, I didn’t want a photo of a bird with a man-made thing.

Then, it happened (as it most always does when you are not ready). In lightning speed he leaped to the top of the bench and grabbed a sparrow who was as unprepared as me. There was flying of feather and small bits of tuff and tissue. As quickly as it started the smaller bird made his escape.

I watched it all with my eyes, never raised my Nikon, amazed at how life or death comes to you when you least expect it.

Be prepared on your journey†…nada te turbe…..jim†

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