Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #128

One more from our trip “down south” to Big Bend National Park. We were on the eastern side of the park, awaiting a lunar eclipse that was to happen on the evening of Dec 10. It didn’t take us long to figure out there was way too much cloud cover to expose the moonrise. So we turned west and headed back to Terlingua and our great room at Bill Ivey’s new hotel digs ( At over 800,000 acres Big Bend is a vast park and with a 45mph speed limit we had a good hour long drive to our room. As we headed west, God poured out the paint making up for us missing the eclipse.  I accepted the gift and never gave the hoped for red-moon a second thought. Take what you are given.

Angel wings gently flutter

As they pass over the desert floor

Using the sky as their canvas

And Heaven as their door

Streaks of pink and hues of purple

Color the desert the skies

As Angel wings quiver quickly

Dripping paint before it dries

Shades of gold mixed with blue

A tiny hint of green

Angel wings work furiously

To stroke this lovely scene
I sit and watch their busy work

As the sun is almost down

A sunset over the desert floor
Connecting heaven to the ground                       © 2005 Sherry L Gibson All rights reserved   

Accept the gifts on your journey…nada te turbe†††jim

5 thoughts on “Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #128

    1. Thanx Lynne…….I always hate to seemingly “waste” a sunset. But some are for looking and filing away in your mind and others need to be shared …..sunrises, I also like, but I for sure waste a lot of them…en theos..jim

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