Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #137

We spent the morning at White Sands National Monument. It was a great quiet place with few visitors this time of year. We had visits from 3 different dogs, which was nice. New Mexico is one of those really dog-friendly places. Wish Texas was more that way. It eased the missing of my Grace & Clovis. Got a little wet sand and slobber on me, made me almost feel  at home.

We had the added treat that the north sides of most every dune was still covered with a recent snow. You think the “white sand” is really white until you see it covered with snow. It quickly appears more ecru than white. We came across this one snow-covered dune that had a great line of tracks going up the side all the way to the top. Susan walked around them and up to the top. A great little wisp of a line of clouds was provided by the Master completing the scene. All I had to do was push a button and walk with a smile back to the car…..kewl beans.

leave some tracks of your journey†††nada te turbe††.jim

4 thoughts on “Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #137

  1. Dustan…..thanx for your kind words. You are probably a lot more familiar with the effects of snow and sun in exposure. This TX boy doesn’t see too much snow. I set the exposure at like minus 1 1/3 stop. The sky was exceptionally clear and blue. Adjusted the exposure and LB ( duh, I was set on strobe from last shoot) in Lightroom………en theos….jim

  2. Hey…..that’s my girl Susan at the top of that dune!!!! Very cool picture, Jim! Hope you two are having a fantastic time……happy new year… you guys!!!!

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