Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #139

Once again, another marvelous day at the Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge south of Soccoro, NM.  The refuge is known for its bird population, and while we photographed a good number of them, we wanted to show you something other than just more fowl. You will be seeing plenty of birds in the future. Yesterday, we saw a family of well-fed coyotes (much fatter than our West TX variety)  and today came around a corner and were presented this herd of deer with a massive 8 point buck leading his brood. They let me come closer than I really wanted to be on foot. This guy was big.

We had actually prayed last night that we might get to see a bald eagle. Our prayers were answered. We ended up seeing all five that had been counted. Once again I was not specific enough in my prayers and while we got to watch them for near an hour, they were at their closest about 150 yards away. Quite a bit further than the deer. Next time remember to ask for a full frame bald eagle, you probably will get it!

Prayer up on your journey††nada te turbe††jim

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