Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #156

So shoot me. I am bored and experimenting with my stuff and saw this easy Photoshop recipe that puts on an effect of twisting, twirling and inter-twining of colors and shapes. This image was of a desert cactus bloom.

I have to admit, I have never been a purest, even back in analog days, I carried a slew of filters that I used as tools.  I look at Photoshop the same way. It gives me a bunch of filters that I don’t have to carry with me into the field.

I would never  self proclaim any of my work as art. I am a paradox I guess. I am old school enough as I think of an artist as someone from a calling of painting, drawing and even writing. Photography has always been fun for me, and the digital age has done nothing if not returning the fun of photography to me.

Here is a link to how to create this effect:

For His sake (and yours) have fun on your journey††nada te turbe†††† jim

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