Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #160


I had a great sunset a coming and had gotten side tracked getting to to the White Sands Monument in time for the early winter closing hours. So I wandered looking for something to make use of the sunset. I had seen this small body of water just north of Alamogordo NM. I headed for it, driving past the small turn-off  twice before finally managing  to turn onto the dirt road.

It was a strange place in that the water was very brackish like. There were all kinds of warning sign: “no swimming”, “no wading” ,” no fishing”, “Do not drink the water”, “Steel shot only”,”No off road driving”.

I reluctantly got out of the car and tried to walk down to the waters edge. After getting within 10-12 feet, I started sinking into this grey-like mud. This was not where I wanted to be. It sucked, literally!

I backed away from the muck and went up to higher, solid ground and made this peaceful image.

I thought of what a grumbling member of the Israelites I would have been. “This water is bitter, oh no not manna again”!

Take what you are given on your journey†††nada te turbe†††jim

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