Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #175

I liked the way this juvenile White Crowned sparrow ( Zonotrichia leucophrys) was trying to make himself appear really tall by standing up straight and almost on tippy-toes. I know I tried to look taller and tougher than I was when I was a juvenile. Oh, what the heck, I try to still do it today, and I bet I look as comical as this guy.

I found him feeding and drinking at Sam Nail’s homestead in Big Bend National Park.

Stand tall, but natural, on your journey†††nada te turbe†††jim

5 thoughts on “Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #175

    1. MJ……..thank you so much, some times I feel so near-sighted and that I am missing the forest for the trees or as we say in west tx, can’t see the desert for all the cacti……I’ll keep on a searching……en theos…..jim

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