Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #180

This White Crowned sparrow was very much enjoying his bath in the windmill pond at Sam Nail’s ranch, in Big Bend National Park. He was a flurry of water and feathers. He had not gotten the memo about the West TX drought. It most certainly has effected the bird and wildlife populace, but at the spring, anything is possible!

I could  imagine the pleasure of Sam & Nena sitting in the shade of a Walnut tree together sharing their water and love with the birds.

Bird Day Poems for Kids - Children's Bird Day PoetryThe Birds’ Bath

by Evaleen Stein

“In our garden we have made
Such a pretty little pool,
Lined with pebbles neatly laid,
Filled with water clean and cool.

When the sun shines warm and high
Robins cluster round its brink,
Never one comes flying by
But will flutter down to drink.

Then they splash and splash and splash,
Spattering little showers bright
All around, till off they flash
Singing sweetly their delight.”

Splash around on your journey††nada te turbe††jim

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