Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #256

We have this  section of our regular walking route that has a year round spring fed “pond” (it is more like an exaggerated puddle). It almost always holds a little surprise along with the coolness from the dampness.

I sat by a small section of it to unwrap my daily gift. I found this small (about 1″ in length) unidentified Damselfly. I list “her”, there are male damsel flies, but let’s not talk about the manhood issues of being a guy damselfly. Anyhow I have “it” listed as unidentified because the world gets complicated. I found several websites dedicated to nothing but dragonflies & damselflies. There are people that get so in to these little creatures. They point out that what you think in one species is another because if you look at segment S5 there is a small spur that points off to the moon and the left antenna is 1cm shorter than the right.

Heck I just thought it was a gift and just said thank you Father.

Be pleased and happy with what all you are given on your journey†††nada te turbe†††††††††jim

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