Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #257

We found this beauty on our morning walk yesterday. He was loosely coiled in the shade of a Mesquite bush and his camouflage was working it’s best to keep him on the down-low.

He did a buy-able  rattlesnake impersonation, flattening his head and hissing loudly. The dogs were quickly cowered along with my muse. I had my 105 Micro on my D800 ( I was on the stalk for damselflies) and even knowing that the Bull-snake is pretty much harmless to humans I was reluctant to get down on my belly facing him. He allowed me to take a few frames before he continued on the search for something edible. As he moved into the bush, I couldn’t resist, I reached down and gently grabbed a hold of him about a foot away from the end of his 6 foot length. He let out another louder hiss to buy his freedom and I was left with just this image of his magic.

Enjoy the beauty in uncommon places on your journey†††nada te turbe†††††jim

3 thoughts on “Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #257

  1. Very impressive! What a beauty!! Ironically I photographed a snake a few days ago as well…mine was much smaller, not intimidating at all, even though he gave it his best effort.

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