Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #262


Well I bought into all the hoopla about the “super moon” that was a coming. Somehow, I knew if I sat on my porch and watched it, I would be a lesser man.

So despite it being a heavy overcast day, I loaded up the gear, the dogs, and my muse (to Shelia-she is my muse- not moose) and went off in search of the super moon.

I first drove south of Alpine to what’s called the “big hill”. There was a nice view point, but nothing to frame with or on, and the moon rise location was blocked by a cliff face. So, back in the car and we coast down big hill and head east of town to the “Y”. It is where US67 & US90 head different directions, but “Y” sounds so more flavorful.

We got there just as the sun dropped below the cloud-line an showed itself for just a few minutes. For 15-20 minutes we walked around in an “Arizona Highways” cover. We watched the sun drop below the horizon and illuminate our world red.

We sat and waited for the super moon, but it was shrouded in a grey cloak of clouds and did not burn it’s way through until 9:30. It was not that super, but the sun sure was.

Take what you are given on your journey††nada te turbe††jim

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