Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #263

I found this little bloom of the Scarlet Gaura (Gaura coccinea) growing in my yard. It is very prolific in the high desert and I step over and around them all of the time. I had never taken the time to actually realize their beauty. I thought it was just wind-blown and had lost some of its petals, but God made them with just four. It has 8 stamen topped with yellow anthers and a pink stigma with four yellow lobes for pollination. This flower starts out white and then changes to a pink, red or maroon. All this and it also has a great fragrance. A whole lot packed into a 1/2 inch flower. Go figure

The Lakota Sioux rubbed this plant on their hands to make them sticky to aid in catching horses, and the Navajo used a cold tea made from scarlet gaura to settle children’s upset stomachs.

So much to see and learn on our journey†††nada te turbe†††jim

6 thoughts on “Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #263

  1. Steve…….many thanx, I feel I am speaking to the Godfather of flower portraits. I visit your site daily………..yes, the gaura is a true unappreciated beauty…….shalom en theos……jim

    1. Now that’s a new one: no one has ever called me a Godfather of anything. Besides, you’re equally worthy when it comes to portraits from nature. Oh, and I’ll have to add that the combination of shalom and en theos is also unique.

  2. MJ…….LOL……I am more a sit on my butt kind of shooter, or on my gut. I find I have the most cushioning in those parts. I sometimes carry a knee pad, but almost always forget to use it. Heck, my muse has to keep remindiing me, “are you breathing” ?
    But it does take its toll on the body. Small sacrifice though. Check out the story of Steve’s funny encounter with the EMS in his link with his comment above. It sent me to sleep with a giggle last night.†††shalom en theos….jim

  3. Jim, this is so true. There so much to see and experience and learn on the journey and that’s what I love the most about it.

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