Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #270

Acrida ungarica (Nosed Grasshopper)Well I can’t complain, our high desert is becoming alive with life ( duh, what else can you come alive with) in the form of flora and creatures. I was down low photographing a pretty purple and yellow tahoka daisy, when I caught a quick glimpse of this little creature fly past. I was fortunate enough to spot this little (3/4 -1″) long nosed grasshopper literally clinging to piece of grass. I so enjoyed the way his little feet had such a desperate grip. He was very patient with me and allowed me to inch to within a foot or so to his slender frame.Not a lot of color, but a lot of character.Show some character on your journey†††nada te turbe†††††††jim

via Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #270.

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