Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #272

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #272.



I found this Sow thistle (Sonchus arvensis) growing in my yard. In processing I noticed a small bug hiding out, can you see him or am I just like Horton?


Sow thistles got their name because they were fed to lactating pigs, the theory being ” If you want mama pigs to nurse better feed them plants with white sap”. It is one of the few white sapped plants that can be safely eaten. That is one of the general rules of foraging for wild food, besides that and never eating anything wild without positive identification and verification it is edible. There are two common exceptions to the white sap rule: Sow thistles and various wild lettuce. When young their flavor supposedly resembles lettuce and as they age more like swiss chard. When old they are become bitter (like me). If they have turned purple, they will not be tender.


Folkloric uses:
Roots used for jaundice.
Plant used for chronic fevers, coughs, phthisis, bronchitis, asthma and pertusis.
Used in dissolving kidney stones.
In the districts of Maharashtra, India, used for body pain, diarrhea, dysentery, fever, leucorrhea, leprosy, white spots of the skin, and ringworm.

There is always more to see and learn on your journey then you first realize.†††nada te turbe††††jim

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