Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #285

Okay, we had rain twice yesterday, it was so wonderful for this dry desert. We went out on our walk this early afternoon full of great promise of what we might find. We were at the turn around point of our walk, about 1  1/2 miles. We stopped at this little grove of trees and soaked up some shade. We were about to start back when I looked down at Clovis who was totally oblivious to a 6 foot Red Racer that was literally right under him. I was not near quick enough and in the blink of an eye the Racer was off and went up one of the trees. We searched and looked for 1/2 an hour hoping to get a photo of a treed snake, but we never saw him again.

I was  little bummed, but enjoyed the encounter none the less.

I have been stalking (to no avail) these Mexican Amberwing dragonflies that zoom around the seep spring. I was concentrating on keeping Clovis from jumping in the pond for a cooling dip, and almost walked past the present. There it was, a handsome male specimen perched on a reed and just still as the sun. I made several exposures all the time moving a little closer until he filled the frame of my D800.

What an amazing gift. God is just flat out amazing with his intricate design.

Don’t walk past your present on your journey†††††††nada te turbe††jim


via Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #285.

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