Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #287

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #287.


I know, I have been posting a lot of dragon & damsel flies lately. I guess that is because God has been offering them up to me. I am beginning to feel like Kevin Costner from the movie “Dragonfly”. If you haven’t seen it  here is a link to help you out: . It is a good, if a little sappy story, and a worthwhile waste of time.

I sometimes struggle to post images that hopefully will have people hit the “like” button. I somehow wrongly translate  that into they like me. And I realize that I am falling into an old trap of trying to make photographs for someone else. I started this blog 287 days ago as a means to recapture my passion for photography. Did you read this last sentence “MY PASSION”. I find myself all too often trying to gauge my happiness and success by how many people “like” my photo of da day. That is the dipstick that caused my passion to drop to the “add oil” level. Trying to please, if not all, at least as many people as I can.

This Damselfly proceeded to make me look at myself. We’ve had a lot of rain recently and consequently the high desert has a lot of flowers. I followed this guy around a field for almost 30 minutes. I kept wanting him to land on a nice bloom. His desire over and over again was to land on some of the barest areas he could find. All of a sudden it was like this bug understands himself a lot more than I do. Follow your heart. He did not want his beauty diminished by sharing the spotlight with a colorful bloom.

Work hard to follow your heart on your journeynade te turbejim

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23

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