Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #290

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via Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #290.

I won’t apologize for once again posting a damselfly. These little creatures keep on landing in my path and quite frankly, I am learning a lot about them. I have been researching and there are people that have gotten almost compulsive in finding and photographing damsels and dragon flies.  Right know they are offering themselves to me and I have bought a 2″ thick book so that I can understand and identify. I mostly look at the photos. Is is becoming a real puzzle to put together. But it’s almost fun, OK it if fun. But like anything else getting out into nature and watching it live is worth a lot of words in a book. Life should not be a spectator sport.

This little (1 & 1/2 inch) specimen kept landing on this Mesquite bloom. We were by a small seep spring pond and he would flit off for 30 seconds or so and then come right back to the same bloom. I could not see it at the time but when I was looking at the images checking for focus, I found he was devouring mosquitoes. There is a lot of wonder out there!

“Our hearts begin to beat faster, our

blood flows quicker and our adrenaline

spikes when we encounter nature in its

raw form. When we are put in a place

where we see our insignificance in the

grand scheme of things, our hearts

jump. We sense something bigger than

our meetings, our business proposals

and our work in the office; something

bigger than us. These encounters serve

to remind us that we may not be the re-

volving point around which the universe

orbits after all. Something happens in

these moments of transcendence that

is, dare I say, spiritual.”

©Creative theology…..Sam Mahlstadt

Watch for the wonder of the Maker on your journey††††††nada te turbe†††jim

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