Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #305

This lovely blossom is the Datura. It is a bewitching flower. It blooms only once in the evening and shade of the morning. It has an intoxicating smell at night and has a long history and is a native plant to the Suthwest.

It is a potent and lovely plant with beautiful flowers but one should be aware that all parts of this plant, especially the seed, might be extremely poisonous. Datura plants possess hallucinogenic properties and it may be fatal if ingested by humans and animals. The active ingredients of Datura are the tropane alkaloids atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine. These are classified as deliriants or anticholinergics. This means that datura may induce a medical state of delirium and block the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the central and the peripheral nervous system. Delirium, caused by ingestion of datura plant causes complete inability to differentiate reality from fantasy, hyperthermia, abnormal heart beats, changes in behavior and a painful photophobia that may last for a couple of days.

Datura is also known as the Devil’s Trumpet. The native names for this plant are based upon the deliriant effects it produces on the nervous system. In Europe, datura was used for witchcraft and the seeds were used to brew beer.

Mexicans used it in religious rituals, dried and smoked, to produce the effect of hallucinations. Aztecs used it to manage fevers and cure the pain in the chest. The people of New Spain rubbed a leaf on painful areas to cure spleen diseases.

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