Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #310

This Yellow-crowned Night-Heron greeted me and the morning sun just like most of us, with a yawn.

Unlike other “night herons” it is active during the day as well as the night. That being said, most of them I saw during the day at Bosque Del Apache were sleeping very soundly.

The Yellow Crowned variety will usually nest in colonies with their homes being constructed on a platform of sticks in trees or shrubs. Once these birds find a nice place to live, they usually keep the nest for quite a while, some nesting sites being used repeatedly for over 20 years.

The Yellow-Crowned Night Heron was hunted during the 18 and 1900′s since their feathers were popular amongst humans.  The hunting has ceased but now we destroy their habitat. You know those homes they stay in for 20 years…well, they are getting destroyed. Luckily, the population of these handsome birds are mostly stable but who knows how long that will last if we continue to move into their habitats.

Stay alert on your perch on your journey, you never know who else might like where you are†††nada te turbe†††jim

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