Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #337


This was not the photo that I had hoped for of this black widow. They are fairly common here in West TX and I was actually excited to find one with a web built in a portable chair in my back yard. I used a little stick to kind of guide her down where I could see her a little better. I had vision of this great spider photo, some how being able to see the red hour glass on her belly.

My muse shouted a motherly “be careful”, but I did a quiet snort like what can happen I am just making her image. I wasn’t like wrestling alligators. I got my 105mm micro lens and set up pretty close to her, I was like 6-8 inches away. I got this one exposure of her and was planning a second when she literally leaped, jumped, sprang, whatever like straight up and out of frame and sight. I quickly checked my arms, head, clothes and camera and I could not find her. She had vaporized, gone, not to be found.

I went in and changed clothes, even took a shower, but all day I had this imaginative itch that I could not get away from.

Be careful in whatever jungle you find yourself in on your journey!!!nada te turbe…jim

Prayers for all the families in Aurora Co. Life if both precious and fleeting and can change in the briefest of a blink  Fitting words from the beautifuldue ….peace out

4 thoughts on “Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #337

  1. A little creepy, but nice. I appreciate your commentary on how you were planning for a great shot and then life happened. I think that we have all been there.

  2. Nice shot, though you paid for it in fear. A friend of mine found a barn near Wichita Falls that was infested with black widows. She had some great photos, including one of a spider eating her mate. Not sure if it was worth it.

    Thanks for sharing.

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