Photo of Da Day @ Da Pine #351

Just another day in the neighborhood. My always alert friends, Hugh & Carolyn are quick to give me the heads up when they sight something around their pond. A couple of weeks ago, Hugh had left a message on my phone letting me know that a baby fawn had been born in their backyard. Unfortunately, I was out of town and the little guy had made off with his mom a few days later. Hugh called me around noon today and told me the little fellow was back.

I loaded up my 300mm and headed his way. Hugh pointed out where the little fellow was hiding and I walked to the far side of the pond and stalked my way to the spot. I was right where the deer was last seen and I could find nada. In stillness I scanned near my position and there he was, about 18″ from my feet.  I was frozen in awe. I could hear him breathing and  watch the rise and fall of his lungs. He was way too close for my 300mm so I just watched. It was a true Abba moment. We made eye contact and he was gone.

I watched him run to another spot 30 or so yards away. I didn’t want to spook him or force him to become overheated in the 100º temperature. I crawled on my belly to his new position and managed a few frames before he curled into a small ball and went to sleep in the deep grass. A true golden moment.

Let your breath & fall in sync with a fawn on your journey, it will do ya good!††††††nada te turbe††††jim

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