Photo of Da Day @ Da Pine #355

MISS BLUE EYESI had set up an 8′ octo box to do some testing and my blue eyed deaf dog came and laid on the floor with this mournful look. How could I resist. Sweet “Grace” is a good friend and the challenge of communication makes her even more fun, plus as my muse says, her deafness is the least of her “issues”. She steals my heart anyway, well the part that the muse didn’t already take.On a totally separate note, I had a conversation with my only sister, Judy, today and she has just been diagnosed with cervical cancer and will soon be undergoing major surgery to attempt to remove and eliminate any further spreading of the beast . I ask for any and all prayers for her. She has had a hard life and has certainly earned some blessings. I didn’t know quite how to make an image to reflect my feelings about that.Enjoy the presence of those you love on your journey†nada te turbe†jim

via Photo of Da Day @ Da Pine #355.

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