Photo of Da Day @ Da Pine #362

I found this guy while on our morning walk. He (?) was a  nibbling away on a scant little weed. I brought him along with his breakfast back home and put him in a little light box and lit him up.

As I was photographing and studying his movement, I tried to let him know of the impending changes that were going to come. How he was going to wake up one morning and wonder where his old body was and that he could now fly and no longer have to crawl. I wanted to warn him, just as everyone had tried to tell me. Just like me, I don’t think he listened!!!!

What metamorphosis are coming on your journey†††††††††nada te turbe††††††††††jim

3 thoughts on “Photo of Da Day @ Da Pine #362

  1. Beautiful shot! I’m sure this little guy will turn into one colorful butterfly in no time! Will you be documenting his/her transformation coz that would just be awesome!

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