Photo of Da Day @ Da Pine #363

Don’t think of me being lazy, posting the same subject again. We are starting our West TX sports photography “circuit” getting the football, volleyball & cheerleaders all photographed.  I am peddling as fast as I can to stay up with it all. Lots of images to process and get off to Millers. Blessed to have the income, but I certainly have a love-hate thing for my day job. Nature of that beast I guess.

The bugs, blooms, birds and creatures are a lot of fun, but not a one of them has handed me an photo-envelope with $$$$$ inside. None the less, my heart is hooked into Abba’s great work & beauty.

Find pleasure in what you do on your journey†††††nada te turbe†††††jim

2 thoughts on “Photo of Da Day @ Da Pine #363

  1. Guess who the Fort Davis yearbook sponsor is…… me! Yes, I am back in school. I will email you from my school account later this week. Really looking forward to working with you again.

    Peace always Allison Scott

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