Photos on the journey #386

The pleasures and the treasures that you get to find on the “blue roads”.

In my youth, I had an earthly father who introduced me to the beauty of slowness on a country road. When I was just 11 he let me start driving our turquoise blue 57 chevy down many quiet and fortunately much  less-traveled roads.

Somewhere along the way, I dismissed a lot of both the good and bad habits of my dad. He taught me much of both.

I became to impatient to the slow way, I wanted to get “X” miles in “X” time. I never got there, never got much of anywhere.

When we recently bought us a seemingly small travel trailer, I rediscovered the lure of the little, and the slow road. A lot of my reason was I had too small a tow vehicle and was forced to stay on the blue roads. I couldn’t get enough rpm’s to travel 65 much less 75-80. So we made a pact to just stay on the blue line.

I have since upgraded to a bigger 2500HD Chevy truck. I can now readily exercise my manhood with my right foot. But, I don’t like it. I am sticking to the little roads. After all, It always has been about the journey, not the destination.

I would have missed the treasure of eating at “Sparky’s” in Hatch New Mexico (green chile capital of the world) on US 185/175  north from Las Cruces, NM.

We had just been wowed through a golden leaf filled pecan grove when my wonderful wife threw out the wonderful line , “God just doesn’t travel on the Interstate.” It would make a great country & western song………..en theos………….jim

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