Photos on the journey #391

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Okay, so I recant just a bit of my snow feelings. Sometimes, you just have to learn from your dogs. Grace (the blue eyed wonder deaf dog) and Clovis (the beefy one, always first to the feed bowl) were both wearing long faces and mopping around the house. I finally relented and took them out amongst the tumbleweed infested snow. What fun.

The house now smells of wet dog, but a small price for such an image of unbounded freedom…….en theos…….jim

7 thoughts on “Photos on the journey #391

  1. What a fun moment! I have been reluctant to take my Jack to the park in this freezing weather, but he would be sooooo happy to go! If it just warms up a little bit, we will go!

    1. Raud…….enjoyed your site. Grace is a rescue dog that was abandoned at the train depot here in town. A neighbor had taken almost a full day to talk her into coming with him. He then discovered her deafness and she was too much for him and asked if I wanted her. I took her for a walk and never took her back to the neighbor. en theos……jim

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