Photos on the journey #414

DSC_8730 DSC_8736

The winds they did blow the last couple of days. We had 60mph gusts. It takes a toll on people and structures. This old house in Coyonosa TX had a heavy list long before the recent winds. I thought I should record it before it finally collapses. I even tried to lean into it, but it felt as solid as other any standing shack, shed, shanty or lean-to.

“I believe in going with the flow. I don’t believe in fighting against the flow. You ride on your river and you go with the tides and the flow. But it has to be your river, not someone else’s. Everyone has their own river, and you don’t need to swim,float,sail on their’s, but you need to be in your own river and you need to go with it. And I don’t believe in fighting the wind. You go and you fly with your wind. Let everyone else catch their own gusts of wind and let them fly with their own gusts of wind, and you go and you fly with yours.”
C. JoyBell C.

It’s important to find the right wind to fill your sails , after all that is where the answer is blowing!

pezful ez feelin’ @U ††† en theos ††† jlawrence

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