Photos on the journey #418



Then you are jolted out of the calm water, things are splashing and sloshing all about. That is when you really have to come together and ride out the storm. Sometimes, you can’t even talk, you just ride.

“stay calm, admist the storm.
when the breeze seems a bit turbulent
and the thoughts seem a bit loud.
stay calm admist the storm.

stay calm admist the worry.
and let your fears subside.
let go of thoughts of doubt and hurry.
stay calm admist the worry.

stay calm admist not knowing
and embrace the light of faith.
where heaven opens all its doors and always keeps you safe.
stay calm admist not knowing.

accept. trust. let go. breathe.”

Paloma” Meg McKenna

pezful ez feelin’ @U †††en theos †††jim

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