Photos on the journey #422


I remember when I started school how they made us write with pencils. Those big,fat, awkward “Big Chief” pencils that identified you as a first grader. I despised using pencils, I couldn’t wait until I got old enough to write with a ball point pen. But then, I didn’t like eating at the children’s table. I thought I had adult ideas and they needed me at that table. They wanted me at that table, just nobody else knew it.

I am old enough now to sit at the adult table even if I sometime act like I should be with the kids. I also can now use a pen, but I actually prefer a pencil. I even use Faulkner’s beloved Palomino Blackwings, as if somehow a bit of his magic came from the writing instrument. NOT SO!

I make the same amount of mistakes whether I use a pen or pencil of any brand. I started this post with the idea that we should live our lives as a Sharpie, we only get one chance so get it right.

Problem is, we make mistakes. We get the opportunity to use an eraser or cross them out. We have do-overs on a lot. And we recieve receive forgiveness for our mistakes no matter how hard we try to cover them or correct them.

Live in the Grace of forgiveness ††† en theos††† jlawrence

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