Photos on the journey #433


Be in the Moment

by Rick Tocquigny, author of Life Lessons:

Mindfulness is a terrible thing to waste. If mindfulness is not your closest traveling companion, test yourself the next time you see a beautiful sunrise or sunset.
Can you stand still for a few minutes and watch our Creator’s artistic skills at work? Happiness and peace are staring you in the face. Tranquility and beauty are there for you to behold.

“Let happiness catch you.” — Angela Cartwright

I went out and was waiting to catch a full moon rise. I waited and I waited, and then I turned around and on the next sand dune to the west was the great red ball of life screaming at me like a little kid, “take my picture, take my picture!” Yes be in the moment, but also be aware of what is around you in the moment!!!!!!

Pezful EZ feelin’ @U ††† en theos ††† jim

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