Photos on the journey #441

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Leap, and the net will appear

…said American naturalist and essayist John Burroughs.

Too often, we hold ourselves back, so whenever anyone takes a leap, I feel energized. Of course, one person’s big leap is another’s small. But that’s the beauty of leaps; they’re personal and meaningful only to the leaper.

People can encourage you to leap but the leap comes from you only when you’re ready to leap. Notice I didn’t say “want to.” Most of us want to leap, but often we’re not ready till we just can’t stand it anymore.

You have to beware the naysayers, those who want to hold you back or infuse doubt into your plan. Prudence is all well and good, but warnings usually come from a place of fear or envy, cloaked as wisdom.

The reason the net will appear?

Because you bothered to take the leap. In other words, there’s always a positive outcome from any change. It’s a law of the universe. That’s why waiting till there’s a net before you leap is unnecessary…..©Jane Pellicciotto,  Allegro Design

….or you could just blow the day off & watch Steve Martin in the movie of the same name.

Pezful EZ Feelin’ @U ††† en theos ††† jim

5 thoughts on “Photos on the journey #441

  1. Hey, Jim Work! You popped up on Facebook. Thought I would say hi. I still have lots of pictures you took at Mac! Jorja Williams

    1. Jorja……..kewl beans, heck those were taken with a real camera & film. I still have the camera that I took those with. It is in my antique rack of old cameras. Actually, I still have my old brownie hawkeye that I was using at age 5……….I am still a taking photos, never learned to do anything else, never wanted to do anything else……….en theos…..jim

  2. I took the leap…no net. Very inspiring. I have never regretted that leap or the previous ones. Each one is an experience which will ultimately lead to the next or the last.

  3. I’m SO impressed with your photos and your narrative – you are multi-talented!! But, I knew that back in high school…

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