Photos on the journey #455


So why did the dog cross the road ? Best answer I could find was he was a Robert Frost trained dog and just had to travel the road less traveled. (insert laughter)

We were passing through the the struggling metropolis of Sierra Blanca, Tx (pop 500+or-) when we encountered this dog in the middle of a crosswalk . I swear it was one of those encounters you have at a four way stop sign where the two of you keep signaling ” no, you go”. He politely stopped half way across the street as if he could see that I had my right turn signal a blinking. We both shared a “deer in the headlight” moment then he made an illegal u turn and went back the way he came.

When you come to a fork in the road, take it and save it. Eventually you will have a complete place-setting, even if the patterns don’t match ††† peace PLEASE ††† en theos †††jim

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