Photos on the journey #477

DSC_5090ADSC_5080 copyA

DSC_5071 copyAMore beauty & mystery from the desert rain.

The rain does bring out the beauty of the desert. On a morning walk after a rain I found these little beauties in full bloom. I didn’t have a camera with me. I figured no problemo, I would catch them on the evening walk. That evening, same day, there was not one full bloom, nada, nothing, zip. Flowers were closed as tight as a young cowboy’s Wranglers. So being the optimist, I figured them for morning bloomers and I would get them the next morning.

I came back the next morning knowing I would find the field once again filled with these dazzling golden blooms. Most of the blooms, in a 24 hour time, had their blooms  turning into seed pods. I found a few with partially open flowers. By the afternoon the pods had opened and thin black seeds were being dispersed into the breeze.

Always carry your camera, as Paladin ( one of my favorite TV westerns from the 1950’s) HAVE GUN  CAMERA WILL TRAVEL.


PEZ@U ††† en theos ††† jlawrence

3 thoughts on “Photos on the journey #477

    1. S……and I thought you were a real child of the 60’s and weren’t prejudice against any kind of bug, and now I find that you think the millipede nasty……I am just shocked and taken aback. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL MILLIPEDES & ALL ARTHROPADS!!!!! en theos….jim

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