Photos on the journey #479, Wild beauty from the desert rain – toadstools in Southwest Texas

DSC_5426A DSC_5469 copyA DSC_5448 copyA

You are probably getting tired of me speaking of the treasures from the rain. But, we get so little moisture out here in the high desert. Things just appear out of nowhere and just as quick are gone. If you keep looking though, they generally just get replaced with another thing of beauty. My next week or so will be a sharing of the magic.

This toadstool (sound so much more magical than mushroom) came up in our yard yesterday afternoon. This morning, I was delighted to find it had morphed into this 6″ tall specimen that was about 4″ in diameter.  Yes, this is the exact same toadstool. It was black and oozey and quickly melted in the heat like the wicked witch of the west.

I also discovered that the rain also brings unusual visitors in the form of mosquitoes as big as yesterdays fly. I do know better than to lay on my belly in shorts in our desert. But I was in my own yard and felt cautiously safe. At first I was sure I was being eaten by red ants only to rise up and find my legs, arms, neck, face & hands covered with the hungry creatures. I don’t know how you that have to, can tolerate these buggers. At least our snakes have the common courtesy let you know they are there.

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3 thoughts on “Photos on the journey #479, Wild beauty from the desert rain – toadstools in Southwest Texas

  1. I saw you taking the pictures and brushing off the ants. I expected the brass band to start with the movements you were making.

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