Photos on the journey #482- Northern flicker with a heart.

DSC_3051A DSC_3041A


We have had these northern flickers around our yard for a good 4-6 weeks. Their parents hatched 5 of them and I think they were certainly put here for my entrainment. They squawk, yell and wallow  around our yard in the mornings and evenings. They behave much like mockingbirds and love to harass our three cats.

I discovered on a close up, that they have a row of hearts along their lower body and a couple to finish the pattern on the tail. A nice finishing touch.

PEACEOUT ††† en theos ††† jlawrence

5 thoughts on “Photos on the journey #482- Northern flicker with a heart.

  1. Well it was really pretty ez, he was in a tree. I don’t usually make a frame of the underside of birds, but then I saw the hearts. I was shooting w/ a 300mm w 1.4 extender…….thanx for a looking……j

  2. Charming pictures, he looks much like a European Starling we raised for 12 years from birth when he fell out of the nest on our porch; no feathers, eyes not open, fed him with an eye dropper…………Ralph sings, talks, and thinks he runs the place. Even the cat liked him. So much fun!

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