Photos on the journey #489 – Leaves at the bottom of the bubbles.

DSC_5712 aA

Somedays you just have to look harder to find what is right in front of you.

It was a bit windy yesterday, and I sat by our little fountain while trying to make an image of a mud dauber at work. He was fighting the wind has much or more than me. I gave up attempting to stay in focus in the wind. He stayed with it and made me feel all the more a sluggard. I turned my attention to the slower moving bubbles and was fascinated how I could see the sharp image of the leaves on the bottom of the fountain in clear focus. I added some stars to the specular highlights via Knoll Light Factory photoshop plug in.

Does make oneself to try to be more mindful and take what you are given, not just what you want.

Peaceout ††† en theos ††† jlawrence

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