Photos on the journey #491 – It is a small world!


I just got a new Nikon PK-13 extension tube so I could get a bit closer to the small world. Of course, I would have one of the windiest days to try and explore this new world. I was almost getting seasick trying to follow this little bloom ( it is about the size of a dime) as it swayed it the breeze. Then, like magic, the wind paused, the tiniest speck of a red fly landed while I was in focus from about 3 inches away. The small world is an amazing journey.

Peaceout ††† en theos ††† jlawrence

4 thoughts on “Photos on the journey #491 – It is a small world!

  1. Amazing. I am returning the extention tube I purchased. (Fotodiox is the brand). I could never get anything in focus with it on, even a still item on a table. I am going to see if I can find one that works with my Canon Rebel XT that will work with the AF. I love looking at your images!

  2. H……my extension won’t work on Auto focus. I would try manual, get your f/stop down to 22 or 32 and your shutter speed as high as your max flash sync. The best cure for fuzzy grams is patience (not one of my virtues but working on it) and a lot of exposures. I got real lucky on this image. The extender came in mail yesterday & I threw it on my 105 macro and shot this. Found out the extender is not designed for the 105 mac and I was shooting wide open.
    The brand should not make a difference to optics as there is no added glass. It is just a matter of what funtions will & won’t work properly……happy trail….j

  3. Welcome to your new world, my extension rings work with auto focus, not sure of the brand, but compatible with canon, but a quick auto focus can be implemented by moving the camera slowly in and out, great shot for your first attempt. MJ

  4. MJ….thanx, no, I just double checked, I don’t have auto focus. My eyes are not what they used to be, but I would not use auto on macro work. Kind of drives me crazy (a short trip) with the seek and trying to find what the heck to focus on. And it is never the same as what I want….life is good…..j

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