Photos on the journey #492 – It is a small world!

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These desert thistles are just so hard to not stop and explore. They are most often filled with all kinds of bees, wasps, flies or beetles. I find them interestingly attractive at all stages of their blooming cycle

Cirsium neomexicanum is a species of thistle known by the common names New Mexico thistlepowderpuff thistlelavender thistle,foss thistle and desert thistle. This plant is native to the southwestern United States, particularly the Mojave Desert. It is a tall plant, routinely exceeding 2 meters in height. It erects a stem which may have webby fibers and long, stiff spines. The sparse leaves are greenish-gray, hairy, and very spiny. Atop the mainly naked stems are inflorescences of one or more large flower heads with rounded bases and phyllaries covered in long, curving spines. The largest heads may be up to 5 centimeters in diameter. They are packed with white or lavender disc florets. The fruit is a flat brown achene with a long pappus which may reach 2 centimeters long. Unlike many other thistles, this species tends not to be a troublesome noxious weed.

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5 thoughts on “Photos on the journey #492 – It is a small world!

  1. Mr Jim, you are my photography hero. Can I be you when I grow up? I have not seen a picture of yours I did not absolutely LOVE!

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