Images of small things from the biggest county in Texas #534 – Preying mantis using his god given talents to hide in plain sight!

13812 mantis eat_7345 copyA

I have been overwhelmed with  the gifts  that have shown up from my simple request of a praying mantis  to show himself for photographs and observation. I was happy and felt my prayers answered. Next day, with no further asking,  another one appears and I get to  find more than I had asked for. I watch him lie in wait, to attack and devour several small skippers all the while getting to observe and photograph. I am awestruck and a bit amazed.

So while my praying for praying mantises was for one purpose.  God not only answered my asking, He showed me more than what was just before my eyes.

I was amazed at the mantises  ability to be there and strike, to be seen and yet unseen.  Only by going slowly through my  images of the attack could I see the simplicity of  plan.

The mantis used its  God given tools: his color, his shape and quickness.  Ironically his camouflage and ability to remain hidden and the ability to not stand out was his strongest asset. It was how he was provided with the ability to gather his daily bread.

Oh how often I try and use my gifts as camouflage and fit in, rather than stand out. So much to learn grasshopper. ††† en theos ††† jim work

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