Images of small things from the biggest county in Texas #552 – Okay it isn’t a little thing, but it was too good to pass up.


You just never know what you will find, right on your back porch.

I had been seeing a multitude of images of the great original Converse “Chucks”. I grew up in Converse All Stars, it was them or PF flyers which never was quite as popular.

A few years ago in a vain attempt to regain my youth, I started buying all color of Chuckies. Women, I understand the shoe thing, I got to where I had 22 pairs of them. Only problem was, my old arthritic body with a low tolerance to pain, just could not handle the lack of orthopedic support. I gave all but a couple of pairs to a local resale shop.

I digress, I had been admiring all these images of Chucks and I thought heck, I should use my remaining pair of Chucks to make an image.

I went to set up my shoes, artfully trying this way and that of an arrangement.  I finally was pleased and went to get my “Kon” to record my image.

When I returned, my Aussie, Clovis had decided my image was too much like everyone elses and that he was going to help me make mine my own. He had curled up on the stoop in front of the shoes. My first inclination was to want to shoo him away. Then I took the time to walk around the scene, realizing, this was what I was being given. Never look a gift dog in the mouth.

I love the “waiting for the master” appeal. Ah the gifts we are given if we just can keep from stumbling over them as obstacles.

Dog spelled backwards is God ††† Don’t trip on your own laces today! en theos ††† jimwork

2 thoughts on “Images of small things from the biggest county in Texas #552 – Okay it isn’t a little thing, but it was too good to pass up.

    1. Sloppy buddhist…….are you referring to the copyright overlay? I am experimenting with some new software trying to find a good mix between keeping my images from being copied (this is how I earn my living) and not distract from the image. Let me know, I too think this one is a little heavy. so I will see if I can tone down the opacity a bit…….thanx for your input…en theos..jim

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