IMAGES OF SMALL THINGS FROM THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN TEXAS #570 – Memories that come through the nose.

13-09-12 clothesline_525813-09-12 clothesline_5261 copy

So here I am, continuing my trip down memory lane.

Just as I was wooed by my eyes with the notice of my old marbles, my nose seemed jealous and wanted to add some flavor of it’s own. As we walked a couple of evenings ago, a certain smell brought seasoning of it’s own doing.  Not a flower or a bush, the sort of smell that wafted nostalgia. Ah, the smell of fresh landry placed out in the fall air to dry. The feel of my youth, straining to reach the non-sagging end of the clothesline. The comforting smell and the clean crispness of gathering of garments made afresh from the wash of the fall air.

I think a little of my waxing nostalgic is brought on by my approaching sixty fifth birthday.  A number that seems way too big to fit into my frame of mind. It is causing me more mental conflict than any of the other candles that have been burned away. Throw in fall, my favorite season if for no other reason than of all the great smells that carry me back.

So, I followed my eyes and nose to the source in my neighbors backyard. I felt the smell as the clothes were tousled by the breeze. Such a gentle and calming moment. But like our short fall season, it will quietly fade into winter and then come freshly back alive next spring.

Follow your nose to a place of peace. ††† en theos ††† jimwork

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