13-09-19 toadstool_0683 13-09-19 toadstool_0692

13-09-19 toadstool_0711 copy

Oh how the rain has fallen in the desert. We had almost an inch and a half today and the temp is in the fifties. There is enough of a chill in the morning to force me into my winter robe. Not that I am complaining.

With the moisture has come all kinds of different makings of God’s divine design. I had photographed this toadstool from when it first broke ground. I did it wet, I did it dry. I prayed for a little toad to come sit under or on it, but that never happened. I was walking away in my soaked clothes from laying flat on my belly when I heard a whisper tell me that the real beauty is underneath. So I gently lifted it from the ground and took it in my little studio for a look. Sure enough, the underside was of a grand design and conception with a hint of orange to it.

I laid it directly over a small portable flash to shine through the cap and just had a field day of capturing the symmetry, design and color. What a great 65th birthday gift from the Maker.

If it doesn’t look good from above, look underneath! ††† en theos ††† jimwork

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