IMAGES OF SMALL THINGS FROM THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN TEXAS #585 – Fall shows itself slowly and then quickly fades to brown in west texas.

13-09-19 gourdspaint_0735 copy

Growing up in West Tx, fall has always seemed such a blink. Here then gone before you even take notice. One of the advantages of growing older seems to be the pause that now comes with autumn. The colors are so warm, so pleasing. It is like God is giving us an appetizer of color to prepare us for the browning and gray coming of winter. Such a warming reflection from yellows and oranges.  Memories of past are triggered and last just a bit longer. It seems the one season of time that all slows down in a life that moves past too fast.

“Autumn. It’s crispness, it’s anticipation, it’s melancholia, it’s cool breezes replacing summer’s heat. It’s long days in the field, a harvest festival when work’s done, a cheering crowd in a football stadium, chrysanthemums punctuating a somber landscape. It’s Halloween highjinx, pumpkins grinning toothy smiles, the crack of pecan pressed against pecan. It’s the first curls of woodsmoke, fresh blisters from pushing a rake. It’s crisp and fresh and mellow and snug, solemn and melancholy. And it’s very, very welcome.”
― Good Housekeeping Magazine

Pause to enjoy both the warmth of a color and the remembrance of a warm reflection. ††† en theos ††† jimwork

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