13-09-25 pinkwall_0612 copy

No, I am not referring to throwing some bright paint on your neighbors mailbox. It’s too cold to be outside for that kind of a DIY. Although we might consider that for a warmer day.

I am referring that lesser known ritual, write someone a letter today. And, I don’t mean email. Dare I use the “S” word in this semi-cyber age. Yes, I mean snail mail. Sit your butt down by the fire, fix that second cup of tea and reflect on someone that has been on your heart. Blow the dust off some of that fancy stationery that you have stuck away in a drawer or closet.

Put your heart on some paper. We all have someone that we think about, we mean to call and email is so, well like the weather – cold. Hell, even the IRS takes the time to send you a real letter.  Share your feelings, make someone’s day. If nothing else think of the guilt you can shower down. Lick a stamp, well the postal folks already lick the stamp for you. Give someone the magic of a brightened mailbox.

Do you remember the first time you got a real letter? Do you remember the last time?

Enjoy the fun of writing with a pen today. ††† en theos †††jw

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