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If you happen to be traveling through Kerrville,TX, do yourself a favor, drive up a small but well marked route to visit the 77′ 7″ cross. You can’t hardly miss the place. It is located above a Ford dealership. The car lot is brightly lit up at night and is much more distracting than the illumination of the cross. I might know that God would prefer Fords’ and I drive a Chevy. Hey. it’s okay, Peter most likely would have driven a Chevrolet also.

The cross had its’ share of a troubled road shrouded in a God versus freedom and separation thing. Once you take the time to quiet yourself, allow the awe of the massive cross diminish, there is a huge amount of peace and calming presence to be seen and felt. From the detail in the life sized sculptures to the outpouring of hearts in the form of sharpie written notes written on the limestone rocks that line the paths, there is an amazing amount of hope and peace to be found.

I found the sculpture depicting Jesus washing Peter’s feet had an immense pull. I could hear Peter’s passionate grumbling of “no way Jose”. He sits with the traffic of I-10 streaming past in the background ready to bolt and run. Jesus is submissive, yet strong in his humbling teaching task.

Where would you run to? ††† en theos ††† jim

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