14-03-01 sunrise_1972 copy


I have been on this cycle of rising early. It has not been intentional, just one of those patterns that naturally occurs. It has been nice as the West TX sunrises have been so outstanding. Lots of colors and patterns put up by the Master.

While it is a quiet time, I am never alone. My dogs, Clovis & Grace are always ready to go no matter what time it is. I am also always greeted and joined in company by my cat Muffs. Muffs is the most social of the three strays that occupy our yard. Muffs was deposited as a newborn kitten by his wandering mom a few years ago. He always would take food but had a circle of defense that was about 10-12 feet. When Muffs was about 6 months old, I became determined to make friends with him. I sat on the ground for about 3 hours, tossing little morsels of chow to him. He always had this longing look that he wanted to be touched, but just needed some encouragement. Since that first reluctant behind the ear scratch, he now so enjoys my companionship. I savour  his curiosity in my making of photos and I swear, he comes to pose for me.

Enjoy your furry friends and the sunrise.   en theos ††† jim

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