IMAGES OF SMALL THINGS FROM THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN TEXAS #711 – Sometime we see things & wonder what was.

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I have always been attracted to deserted, abandoned and places that are just empty shadows of their storied past. This old stone building near “downtown” Fort Stockton TX has always called for me to stop and explore. I always think I have something more important to do and pass on to other duties. In the spirit of becoming more mindfull, last week I took the time to stop & look around this old haunt. Some other local will have to beam in if they know of it’s original purpose. I could not determine if it was an old hotel, hospital or asylum. It had a lot of faded and barely readable warning signs that I choose to ignore. I wandered in as far as I felt comfortable. Other occupants had left their own warning signs that I was a little more apt to heed despite the beautiful tiled entree.

Enjoy something unknown. en theos † jim

One thought on “IMAGES OF SMALL THINGS FROM THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN TEXAS #711 – Sometime we see things & wonder what was.

  1. I find places like these fascinating and have enjoyed photographing a deserted mountain village, Perithia, in Corfu and a deserted village called Tyneham in Dorset, UK and also a kind of caravan(trailer) kind of graveyard – it brings with it so many interesting thoughts about who would have been there – what were they like?, what would be happening – what would they be doing?, what were their lives like and imaginings of when these things were new etc etc… Really enjoyed your post, thanks and kind regards, Frances 🙂

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